Product description
Styrene-butadiene thermoplastic elastomers are produced by block copolymerisation of styrene with butadiene in a hydrocarbon solution in the presence of organolithium catalyst. Bound styrene content – 30+/-1.5% Powdered with calcium stearate or silicon dioxide. Stabilised with non-staining antioxidants. Product form – powder or granules.
Characteristics by area of application
Grade Melt flow index Kinematic viscosity, cSt Technical documents
DST R 30-00 200ºC/5 kgs, g/10 min<1 25
SBS L 30-01A 200ºC/5 kgs, g/10 min<1 14
SBS R 30-00A 200ºC/5 kgs, g/10 min<1 30
DST L 30-01 200ºC/5 kgs, g/10 min<1 14
DST L 30-01 (SR) 200ºC/5 kgs, g/10 min<1 30