Product description
Petroleum benzene is a transparent liquid without impurities and water. Depending on its production process and application, it is categorised into three grades: highly purified, purified, and petroleum benzene for synthesis. Petroleum benzene is used as feedstock for synthetic fibres and rubbers, plastics, dyes and other organic synthesis products. It is also a component of fuels, paints and solvents.
Characteristics by area of application
Grade Storage conditions Shelf life Transportation Technical documents
Petroleum benzene for synthesis, GOST 9572-93 As per safety data sheet No. 6899968.24.36717, benzene must be stored in metal containers that are protected against impurities and moisture and equipped with flame arresters. These containers must be located in the open air or in a ventilated facility, away from open fire and heating equipment. Storage facilities must have lightning protection. Metal tanks must have an oil, petrol and steam resistant inner coating that complies with the electrostatic safety requirements. Petroleum benzene is not used for household purposes. The guaranteed shelf life is six months from the date of manufacturing. Transportation in tank cars
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