Product description
Under normal conditions, propylene fraction is a mixture of liquefied combustible gases (mainly C3 hydrocarbons). It is used as feedstock in the chemical industry, in particular to produce acrylonitrile, isopropyl and butyl alcohols, isopropylbenzene, glycerol and other organic products.
Characteristics by area of application
Grade Storage conditions Shelf life Transportation Technical documents
Propylene fraction STO 68699968-001-2014 Propylene fraction is stored as prescribed by GOST 1510-84 (similarly to hydrocarbon fuel gases) and installation and safe operation regulations for pressure vessels, at a safe distance from open flame sources. Three months from the date of manufacturing Propylene fraction is transported in tank cars designed for liquefied gases, in compliance with the regulations on transportation of hazardous goods applicable for a given mode of transport.
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