Alphapor EPS

Product description
Expandable polystyrene is used for manufacturing heat-insulating panels, as well as fire-resistant industrial and food packaging. EPS SE is a self-extinguishing expandable polystyrene that contains anti-inflammatory additives. It is used for producing footfall soundproof panels, heat-insulating panels and other industrial goods. Alphapor is the first Russian-produced polystyrene that conforms to European standards. Alphapor is used to manufacture a large range of expandable polystyrene products, most prominently – thermal insulation construction materials and permanent formwork. It also serves as feedstock for expandable polystyrene blocks, which are used in road and bridge construction, as well as household appliance packaging. The Alphapor expandable polystyrene is produced at SIBUR Holding’s Perm subsidiary. All Alphapor grades meet the strict European requirements in terms of granulometric composition, density, and physical and mechanical properties, all of which ensure a high quality of materials that make use of Alphapor.
Characteristics by area of application
Grade Granulometric composition, % Apparent density (one expansion on a batch pre-expander), kg/m Moisture, % (Max) Technical documents
101 SE 2.2–4.0 3 >11 Not more than 1%
201 SE 1.6–2.2 3 >12 Not more than 1%
301 SE 1.0–1.6 3 >12,5 Not more than 1%
401 SE 0.7–1.0 3 >13 Not more than 1%
501 SE 0.45–0.7 3 >19 Not more than 1%
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